Rodger Harvey-Jamieson announces resignation from his role as Chairman of the Board of Trustees

12 April 2024

It is with regret that we announce the resignation of Rodger Harvey Jamieson as trustee and from his position as Chair of the board of Trustees on The Applecross Trust.

As I’m sure you will appreciate, with the aid of a small team of fellow unremunerated trustees, some dedicated staff, and an administrator “on the ground”, Rodger was able to make significant headway in developing the support of the local community, most notably through the following initiatives:

He worked alongside the Applecross Community Company in a major local planning consultation exercise to identify potential future projects.

He facilitated the establishment of a substantial community fund, which is now managed entirely by local residents.

He made a community woodland of 14.5 hectares available for local ownership, income generation and enjoyment.

He identified and oversaw a land transfer to the Applecross Community Company in order to build local affordable housing.

He instituted a scholarship scheme to support local residents undertaking a university degree, and to encourage them to return to employ their skills within Applecross.

As the nominated chair of the North Applecross Woodlands Company Limited, he assisted the crofters in managing and protecting their native woodland plantations, which had their origins as part of the Millennium Forest for Scotland project.

He joined the board of the Applecross Community Company’s Hydro-Electric scheme by invitation.

He encouraged the achievement of The Applecross Trust’s designation as a Wildlife Estate.

Rodger says of his decision to resign from the Applecross Trust, “For more than two years I have been experiencing all of the varied and widely reported symptoms of Long Covid with increasing frequency and intensity. It has now reached the point where I have reluctantly decided that it is not sensible for me to continue to guide The Applecross Trust as Chair. The varied conservation projects, and its aims to support and encourage local enterprise will now be taken forward by others.”

Kenneth McDiarmid, as a long-standing fellow trustee, will be taking on the role of Chair of the Board of Trustees for the immediate time.